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  • accentor — /əkˈsɛntə/ (say uhk sentuh) noun any of various small birds of the genus Prunella, as the alpine accentor, P. collaris, with a black spotted white throat, of mountainous regions of Eurasia and northern Africa. {Medieval Latin, from ad to + cantor …   Australian English dictionary

  • arts centre — /ˈats sɛntə/ (say ahts sentuh) noun 1. a venue for performances of music, dance, etc., usually classical. 2. a venue for the creation and display of visual arts. 3. British, US an educational institution for the teaching of the arts, focusing on… …   Australian English dictionary

  • birth centre — /ˈbɜθ sɛntə/ (say berth sentuh) noun a healthcare facility, which can provide medical assistance for childbirth but which relaxes hospital procedures to allow freedom of choice for the parents in how they wish to manage the birth. Also, birthing… …   Australian English dictionary

  • birthing centre — /ˈbɜθɪŋ sɛntə/ (say berthing sentuh) noun → birth centre …   Australian English dictionary

  • call centre — /ˈkɔl sɛntə/ (say kawl sentuh) noun a location at which operators handle a large number of phone calls, usually on behalf of a number of client organisations, either receiving calls, as in a centre providing customer care or information services …   Australian English dictionary

  • centenarian — /sɛntəˈnɛəriən/ (say sentuh nairreeuhn) adjective 1. relating to or having lived 100 years. –noun 2. someone who has reached the age of a hundred …   Australian English dictionary

  • center — /ˈsɛntə/ (say sentuh) noun, verb (t), verb (i) US → centre …   Australian English dictionary

  • Centre — /ˈsɛntə/ (say sentuh) noun the, the remote interior of Australia. Also, the Red Centre …   Australian English dictionary

  • centre — /ˈsɛntə / (say sentuh) noun 1. Geometry the middle point, as the point within a circle or sphere equidistant from all points of the circumference or surface, or the point within a regular polygon equidistant from the vertices. 2. a point, pivot,… …   Australian English dictionary

  • centre back — /sɛntə ˈbæk/ (say sentuh bak) noun Australian Rules the player in the central back position …   Australian English dictionary

  • centre circle — /sɛntə ˈsɜkəl/ (say sentuh serkuhl) noun 1. Also, centre ring. Australian Rules a circle in midfield in which the field umpire bounces the ball to start the game and restart it after a goal. 2. Soccer the similar circle on a soccer field …   Australian English dictionary

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